Church Building Repairs and Maintenance

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I, Pastor Dr.Y.Mohan Rao, appeal to your kind notice that, I established ZION GOSPEL MINISTRIES main church at kanchikacherla, India and also running 10 Sub-Churches in the following places, (5 churches in small sheds and 5 churches in worship at homes.) (Villages) to gather for Sunday services in those churches with Co-Pastors. They are:

The main church “ZION GOSPEL MINISTRIES” at Kanchikacherla village, I, am(Pastor Dr. Mohan Rao) running the Church ,which is a temporary building .The building of the Church was badly damaged including “ORPHAN’s living Room” .The construction was made long back for 15 years and it needs to Repairs. The roof of the Church having Cement sheets which are also damaged .In the rainy season, the water is leaking from the roof and the water is oozing from the walls of the Church building. Hence,it requires permanent Cement Slab., because in the rainy time, it is very difficult to conduct God’s Worship in the Church and the Orphans are suffering with the rainy water. The doors and windows are also damaged with the rains. There are no doors to the windows. The outside walls are not finishing work (not at pasting) The Church also needs compound wall for protection. I proposed for development and full welfare of ORPHAN’s Home ,to be appoint staff members for their welfare , studies ,lodging and boarding facilities. At present, the ORPHAN’s home consists of 50 pupils and 50 poor widows.

For at all, the church building requires repairs and the roof of the Church requires perm ant Cement slab. There is no fund to develop and repair the Church. There is no water supply for drinking for Orphans and Congregation Church people and it also requires Bore well facility. The Congregation people also so poor and they are Agricultural Labors. So we have facing so much difficulty in the rainy season for conducting God’s Worship. There is no fund to repair the Church building.